Book Releasing Ceremony - National Symposium


Book Releasing Ceremony - Sun Pharma Science Foundation’s National Symposium on “Surveillance of Communicable Diseases and Integration with the Health System : Lessons from COVID 19".

Date : January 27th, 2024

Time :11:00 to 12:00 hours

Venue : Director-General, Indian Council of Medical Research, V. Ramalingaswamy Bhawan, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi : 110 029.

Sun Pharma Science Foundation has organised Book Releasing Ceremony on “Surveillance of Communicable Diseases and Integration with the Health System : Lessons from COVID 19 on January 27, 2024 at DG-ICMR’s Office, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi.

Communicable disease surveillance involves monitoring the introduction(s) and spread of known diseases, maintaining alertness for new pathogens, and enabling containment strategies. Active surveillance - with focus of case finding, testing and contact tracing in all transmission scenarios, has been a strategy espoused by several countries. This must be complemented with pragmatic measures to confirm the active surveillance, such as serosurveys in representative population samples, maintenance of banked samples with random retesting, and assessment of consistency across complementary datasets. This combination of active and passive surveillance will need cross-disciplinary public health networks of epidemiologists, lab scientists, information technologists and data scientists. This enables the health system to take calibrated remedial actions, including better diagnostics and therapies (including immunizations).

Using the pandemic involving SARS CoV-2 as an example, an attempt was be made to highlight the key components and requirements of disease surveillance for an infectious / communicable disease, highlight the key learnings and provide inputs towards future surveillance strategies.

We hope that the contents in this Book, will help promote integrated disease surveillance in a holistic way.

Book Released by :
Dr. Rajiv Bahl – DG-ICMR, New Delhi
Prof. Virander S. Chauhan
Dr. Nikhil Tandon
Dr. Narendra K. Arora
Dr. Anand Krishnan
Prof. Gautam Menon
Book is available on Google Drive - Click the Link below

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