Clinical Research Fellowship

Clinical Research Fellowship is meant to empower support the brilliant and upcoming early career clinicians working in India. Fellowship will be given to an Assistant Professor who has obtained the first academic appointment within two years from the year of consideration for Fellowship. Should have obtained a MBBS degree. An Assistant Professor employed in any Medical College in India will be eligible to be considered for this Research Fellowship. The research has to be done on a specific project under the supervision of a researcher of renown in an institution in India. The fellowship has to be availed in an institution other than the one the candidate is employed in. The aim is to empower clinicians to carry out independent clinical research.

Clinical Research Fellowship will be offered for a total duration of six months, which may be availed by a selected applicant in one or more (not exceeding three) disjoint periods of time within three years from the award of the Research Fellowship. A selected Fellow will receive; (a) a maximum of Rs. 9 lakhs as stipend for conduct of the approved research project, an amount consistent with the selected Fellow's current salary, if the Fellow's employer does not provide any salary support during the period of internship for conduct of research elsewhere, (b) a modest amount for travel, boarding & lodging, if required and (c) a maximum amount of Rs 12 Lakh will be paid directly as Bench Fee to the training institution.